Context:dress/fashion/textiles is the official publication of The New Zealand Costume & Textile Section. We warmly invite submissions to Context, the journal of the association. We welcome innovative pieces as well as articles in the more familiar styles. Our intention is to continue publishing articles, research notes, reviews, and notices as well as peer-reviewed papers. Consistent with the stated aims of the association, we hope this will improve publishing opportunities for dress and textile researchers working in the New Zealand context.

We also want to increase reader participation in the journal by giving more emphasis to reviews of any related events past and current, and by including notices alerting us to future events that may be of interest to members. If there is something going on in your community or your wardrobe, please tell us about it. We are also seeking submissions for pages devoted to new or loved textile acquisitions or items of dress. Send us a photograph with up to 500 words telling us about the object and why it is special.

Context — Guidelines for Contributors

Call for contributions for 2018

We are calling for content for this year’s two issues. The deadlines are below.

Deadlines for 2018

Issue 36 Text and images submitted by 15 April (publication date June 2018)

Issue 37 Text and images submitted 30 August (publication date December 2018)

If you are interested in contributing to either issue, please email the relevant editor to discuss your proposed topic, preferred issue etc

Editor contact details

Karin Warnaar  Email:

Please put CTANZ: Context in the subject line of your emails.